April 19, 2022
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Three Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking

Dany Coutinho

Successful search engine optimisation (SEO) is a must-have to boost your company’s website traffic and leads. A first page Google ranking will give your business a competitive edge. Not only does it ensure your business looks prestigious and professional increasing brand recognition, but it also guarantees an increased number of website views from your potential consumers. A first page ranking on Google can often feel out of reach for a business owner.

We’ve compiled three key suggestions to improve your SEO that you can implement yourself. Watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results!

Link Building
Link building is an important part of any growth strategy and aims to improve your organic SEO. Essentially what this means is Google sees your site as more credible if it links to other sites and other sites link back to you. Improve your authority and credibility by adding relevant links within the text.  There are two types of linking:

Internal linking. Linking one page to another on the same domain. You can easily do this within the blog part of your website, linking to certain articles within your own site. It is important you have a blog page to have consistent updated content

Back linking. Building links that drive referral traffic back to your website from other websites. This basically means other websites direct to yours.

Backlinking will take more time to achieve. Backlinking occurs when another (reputable) website displays a link to your website – this type of link building may be more difficult but is highly beneficial as another company is referring your page. The best way to achieve this is with high quality content. A webpage which is content-rich (blogs are good to achieve this), information and helps consumers learn more about what they are interested in is most likely to attract links from other websites, which improves your search engine optimisation.

Do you know anyone that would be happy to link your website to their own? If so, reach out and ask! The strategic use of link building will boost the performance of your websites ranking and increase your site's authority in the search engine.

Respected, Reliable & Regular Content
Reliable content is essential to an effective SEO strategy and is the number one driver of search engine rankings. The audience should be at the forefront of your content. It is important to not just create content for the sake of it but create something of value to your consumers.

Content created specifically for your audience increases site traffic and improves your websites’ overall authority and relevance. Content is the most influential factor on search engine rankings. Ensure you repeat keywords and strategically link to relevant sources or additional information (within your industry or other websites which are useful). Regular content is viewed as a website’s best indicator or site relevancy, so it is vital that your content is new and fresh. The easiest way to ensure you have updated content is blogging. Writing additional content, including keyword phrases, on industry specific news can boost your search engine ranking. Blog posts can be shorter updates about specific subjects you are targeting. Interlinking your CMS webpages and blog posts provides the reader with stronger information about the topic. Helpful hint: have a share button each post.

Optimise Alt Tags
What are alt tags? Alt tags are the titles you give to videos and images on your website. You can enhance user experience and provide further opportunity for optimisation. Alt tags provide a text alternative for whatever the content of the image of the image or video. Alt tags allow search engines to locate your page, which helps potential consumers find a website when someone searches for relevant content. Three top tips for optimising your alt tags are to be descriptive, relevant and specific.

For more information or to find out how Sillyfish can simplify this process for you, deliver real return on your digital marketing investment for a budget that suits you, book in a free consultation with one of our friendly team.

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