November 22, 2023
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Mobile Web Indexing

Dany Coutinho

Google has officially completed its transition to mobile-first website indexing, adapting to the ever-changing online landscape dominated by mobile devices. The primary driving force behind this change is the shift in user behaviour, with over 70% of search queries originating from mobile devices. Users now expect a seamless and mobile-optimised experience.

What does this mean for websites and brands? It necessitates a strong focus on optimising their websites to ensure they perform well and look good on mobile devices. Mobile-first indexing also emphasises the importance of page speed optimisation, as fast-loading mobile pages are vital for user retention and engagement. Google has long factored page speed into its ranking algorithm, making fast, mobile-optimised websites a top priority.

At Sillyfish and Digital Native, we have consistently prioritised website page load speed, content relevance, and search engine optimisation for all our clients. While some websites may experience a decline in organic search rankings due to this change, our clients are well-prepared and anticipate minimal to no impact. This approach safeguards organic search rankings.

However, the impact extends beyond organic search rankings to pay-per-click advertising through platforms like Google Ads. Landing page relevance plays a significant role in determining Quality Scores. If a webpage loads slowly or offers a subpar user experience, resulting in a high bounce rate, it can lead to a lower Quality Score and higher Cost per Click (CPC) bids to secure an ad rank.

For more information on Google's mobile-first indexing, you can visit Google Search Central: Link

If this sounds complex or overwhelming, don't worry. We're here to help you maximize your digital presence. Feel free to reach out to us through LinkedIn or our contact page. We'll work together to enhance your online presence.

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